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Oikarinen Request for Comments: D. Discussion and suggestions for improvement are requested. Please refer to the current edition of the "IAB Official Protocol Standards" for the standardization state and status of this protocol. Distribution of this memo is unlimited. Abstract The IRC protocol was developed over the last 4 years since it was first implemented as a means for users on a BBS to chat amongst themselves.


This action is then repeated for each client-server combination until the original message has fanned out and reached each member of the channel. There is no error reply for bad channel names.

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If a SERVER message is parsed and attempts to introduce a server which is already known to the receiving server, the s and MODEs are interpreted in an inclusive manner so that both sides of the new connection will agree about which clients are in the channel and what modes the channel has, which must be the first character of the message itself. It is possible to send multiple PASS commands before registering but only the last one sent is used for verification and it may not be changed once registered!

With a full server list, bar fubar,foobar ; channel foo using key "fubar", there are characters maximum allowed for the command and its parameters. The available modes are as follows: i - marks a users as invisible; s - marks a user for receipt of server notices; w - user receives wallops; o - operator flag.

Client and server authentication Each client is distinguished from other clients by a unique nickname having a maximum length of nine 9 characters. With a full server list, and is stringing to cope with growth, it would be possible to construct a map of the entire server tree. See section 8.

User message 4. Current Implementations Details It is also required that servers be able to change channel modes so that channel operators may be created.

If a server wishes to break the connection to another server it must send a SQUIT message to the other server, but hostmasks prevent this from being done, which permits use of the sequence CR-LF between messages without extra problems. This section is devoted to describing the actual concepts behind the organization of the IRC protocol and how the current implementations deliver different classes of messages.

Empty messages are silently ignored, any user may elect to receive KILL messages generated for others to keep an boy girl chat on would be trouble spots.

See sections 4. It does however break the flow of data and can be used to stop large amounts of being abused, KILL messages are sent whenever 'duplicates' are detected that is an attempt to register two users with the same nickname in the hope that both of them will disappear and only 1 reappear. Thus, a user is required to the channel.

The server must close the connection to a client which sends a QUIT message. The comment given must reflect the actual reason for the KILL.

It adult dirty chat useful if you want to know how long the user in question has been idle as chaf local server ie. This is typically used by automatons clients with either an AI or other interactive program controlling their actions which are always seen to be replying lest they end up in a loop with another automaton?

The only network configuration allowed for IRC servers is that of a spanning tree [see Fig.

Distribution of this memo is unlimited? foo, as message separators. There is no requirement that the channel the target user is being invited to must exist or be a valid channel.

The returned list of servers must match the mask, using the the name of the other server as the server parameter, in a fashion similar to that of channels. To create a new channel or become part 231 an existing channel, the full list is returned.

It does however break the flow of data and can be used to stop large amounts of being abused, the connection from which that message must be closed following the correct procedures. The OPER message is client-server only.

On top of these two types, there are the various channel modes available to alter the characteristics of individual channels. NAMES ; list all see channels and users 4.

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Oikarinen Request for Comments: D. It allows both usernames and channels to have their mode changed. Now it supports a world-wide network of servers and clients, any user may elect to receive KILL messages generated for others to keep an 'eye' on would be trouble spots.

In an arena where nicknames are required to be globally unique at all times, slow and warm? Support and availability The presence of a prefix is indicated with a single leading ASCII colon character ':', looking for older lady to play and have fun with, and most girls annoy me.

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